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We strive to make Zain’s work environment enjoyable and supportive to our employees. Our “5F” HR Philosophy, which underlies Zain’s workplace culture, includes our top workplace values: Future, Freedom, Fortune, Fitness, and Fun.

1.   Future: Our clear and compelling vision for the future of Zain makes us a competitive employer, helps us attract the best talent, and prepares us for long-term growth.

2.   Freedom: We will do everything possible to eliminate any restrictions against the free and responsible movement and expression of our employees. We believe that all employees have the right to work in an environment which is safe and free of intimidation and harassment.

3.   Fortune: We have seen Zain change from a local service provider to a regional and international player in the telecommunications arena. This has opened doors to acquiring more knowledge, experiences, and competencies through direct involvement with people from many countries and exposure to modern technology.

4.   Fitness: We evaluate individual abilities and competencies in order to determine the right fit for teams and enable individuals to freely participate in all activities. This helps us identify opportunities for professional development and enhance job satisfaction.

5.   Fun: We believe that the joy of achievement enhances the quality of results. We therefore strive to create a supportive and satisfying environment where Zainers will thrive and enjoy their work. We want to enjoy what we are doing and we want to make it easy to our customers to see that we enjoy serving them.

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***Note that Zain does not accept applications by post, fax and email. You will need to apply online through our career site in order to be considered.

Warning notice:

Unfortunately, email and online fraud are continuing concerns for virtually all businesses that operate on the Internet. Please be aware that, from time to time, fraudulent emails have been circulated that appear to be from Zain or Zain Telecommunications or similar but which are, in fact, sent by imposters for illegitimate reasons.

Please note that Zain will only ask you to upload your CV on http://careers.zain.com and will never ask for your CV or other personal financial details through e-mail.

Zain shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred in the event that you choose to send your personal information via e-mail.

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